About Us


More people than ever before are now choosing to study for continuous personal development
and we recognize that they all have their own ambitions, plans and hopes for the future. EATI’s
job is to help each person attain his or her full potential.

At EATI we aim to provide students with the skills, knowledge and experience they need to
enjoy educational, career and personal success in the future.
We have developed learning programmes, facilities and support services that build on students‟
existing skills, knowledge and experience. We aim to prepare them for the next stage of their
lives, be it in work or higher education.
All students have the support of a team of staff who are committed to helping them succeed.
Each student‟s progress is reviewed regularly to monitor their advancement, set new targets and
provide the guidance needed to ensure development.

The institute offers first rate facilities, dedicated and well trained staff who bring experience and
enthusiasm to the subjects that they teach, along with an extensive range of qualification to suit
all levels of ability. We are always looking for ways to improve our standards and the quality of
service we offer the community as a whole.
We have benchmarked our training and qualifications against major national and International
examinations Institutions, students can transfer credits to other Institutions of higher learning or
universities globally. Graduates seeking higher qualifications can please take this as an invitation
to join our institute and achieve your desired qualifications.

EATI: the Ultimate in Global Training Solutions anytime.



The strength of EATI is firmly rooted in our values. We expect that our students, management and staff demonstrate the values individually and corporately. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and we endorse mutual respect, integrity, collegiality, academic freedom, steward, service, and safety & students‟ success and continuous personal development.


Eldoret Aviation Training Institute was established in February 1999 to enhance excellence in Aviation and Commercial training within the East and Central Africa Region. It was conceptualized and established by professionals in the industry. EATI combines this experience with a truly supportive culture and commitment to provide adequately trained manpower.

Our Mission

To undertake top quality research, teaching and training in Aviation and its related sectors and to disseminate knowledge nationally and regionally.

Our Vision

To train and graduate the most skilled manpower for the aviation industry Locally, Regionally & Internationally.


  • +To excel in teaching, research and outreach

  • +To source and optimize the use of material and human resources to achieve the set goals.

  • +To train and develop informed practical, innovative and self-reliant graduates of international repute

  • +To nurture and uphold corporate social responsibility.

  • +To continuously offer new opportunities for training and development

  • +To advance in technology, science and innovation for sustainable development


EATI is committed to equality of opportunity in education, training and employment. This commitment applies to all, regardless of gender, age, nationality, racial origin, creed, marital status, employment status and any disability. EATI aims to promote best practices and procedures which ensure equality of opportunity and aims to eliminate unfair discrimination whether directly or indirectly.